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North London Family Photographer

​ Hey, I'm Amanda. Your North London Family Photographer.​


I spent my twenties working in the whirlwind of television production. Filming brought me to many weird and wonderful places. From early morning police raids to bee farms, glamorous west London hotspots, and theme parks.Sometimes it was exciting, other times it was hectic and uninspiring. But one of my favourite tasks on location, was taking the press stills!


My next chapter brought a baby and in the midst of motherhood, I discovered a new appreciation for blending work, family and friends, rather than living life segregated of them.​​I evolved into a family photographer, based in leafy North London, where I live with my little boy.​​A family photo session with me is an adventure with plenty of silliness, giggles and connection between family members.


I capture sun-lit, joy-filled moments backdropped by nature for you to treasure for a lifetime.​​I can't wait to meet you and your family!




​Sunny days. Small Gatherings. Reformer Pilates.The novelty of city life, the openness of London.A nice local restaurant and relaxing by lidos. ​​​


Not so Much​


Enormous crowds. Anything too Mainstream. TV.(even though I used to help make it, we all have a past!)

I also do brand photography.

Click on the link below to check out my website. 

Press Stills for CBBC.

My former self behind the scenes.

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